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Automobile Negligence (including Michigan No-Fault, both first and third party claims)

Our attorneys have litigated and tried numerous cases involving catastrophic injury and death involving motor vehicles, including cars and trucks. We have litigated all aspects of auto negligence claims, including but not limited to first and third party, statutory ownership liability and permissive use, uninsured and underinsured motorist and negligent entrustment claims. These claims have included express contractual indemnity issues contained in rental or leasing transactions, as well as common law indemnity involved in vicarious liability claims.

Our attorneys are trained in the latest investigatory techniques, including familiarity with the latest technology necessary to download event data recorders(EDR's) and electronic control modules(ECM's) to obtain any available speed and braking data immediately preceeding a crash. We regularly work with expert engineers and law enforcement to obtain this data before it becomes unavailable.

We have a rapid response team of investigators, adjusters and accident reconstruction experts who are on call 24/7 to accompany us to any accident scene in Michigan or Ohio. Such a response is often critical in properly documenting the evidence before it is lost. Contact information is set forth below:

Russell W. Porritt II (Michigan and Ohio) 248-388-1634

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